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  • Bob Finken
    Bob FinkenSenior Vice President of Montrose Air Quality Services

    Bob Finken is Senior Vice President of Montrose Air Quality Services (MAQS). He has been active in air emissions measurement since 1978 when he began working for KVB.  Since then, Mr. Finken has been actively involved in technical and managerial roles pertaining to stack testing for ESA, Carnot, and Delta Air Quality Services. Mr. Finken served as President of the Source Evaluation Society from 2005 through 2013 where he continues as a member of the Board of Directors and Committee Chairman. He was inducted into the Stack Sampling Hall of Fame in 2005. Mr. Finken has earned QSTI Status in Groups I, II, III, & IV (QSTI #2004-003). He is a member of ASTM, TNI, STAC, SES, and ISA.

  • Craig Thiry
    Craig ThiryChief Marketing Office of Montrose Air Quality Services

    Craig Thiry is Chief Marketing Officer of Montrose Air Quality Services. Mr. Thiry brings over 30 plus years of operations, business development, and management experience in the environmental services sector. Prior to assuming his role as Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Thiry was Vice President, Business Development of Montrose Environmental Group, Inc. He was previously Business Development Director of The Avogadro Group, LLC. Prior to joining The Avogadro Group, Mr. Thiry was Operations Manager of Best Environmental, Inc. and he also previously worked at Clean Air Engineering, Inc.

  • Matt McCune
    Matt McCuneSouthwest Region Vice President of Montrose Air Quality Services

    Matt McCune is Southwest Region Vice President of Montrose Air Quality Services. Mr. McCune has been involved in air emission measurement since 1990. Prior to joining Montrose, he performed and managed source testing programs for Research-Cottrell and Carnot and was a founding partner at Delta Air Quality Services. Mr. McCune has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley and is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of California. Mr. McCune has earned QSTI Status in Groups I, II, and III (Cert. # 2009-294).

  • Erick Mirabella
    Erick MirabellaSenior Vice President of Montrose Air Quality Services

    Erick Mirabella is Senior Vice President for the Ambient and LDAR division of Montrose Air Quality Services.  He holds a B.S. in Environmental Health and has been involved in the air quality industry since 1992.  Before accepting his current position, Mr. Mirabella was VP of Business Development for Montrose Air Quality Services. He was also a founding member of the Avogadro Group where he held leadership positions as General Manager and Sales Director.  Earlier in his career, Mr. Mirabella was a Senior Project Manager specializing in complex air emissions measurement projects involving nearly all types of industrial combustion sources, abatement devices, and manufacturing processes.  His career began as a chemist and field technician for Carnot Technical Services based in Southern California.


  • Steven Eckard
    Steven EckardSenior Vice President Of Enthalpy Analytical, Inc.

    Steven J. Eckard is Senior Vice President of Enthalpy Analytical, Inc. Montrose’s Environmental Laboratory Services division consists of a network of laboratories doing business under the Enthalpy Analytical and Curtis and Tompkins brand names. Mr. Eckard started his career testing smoke stacks. In that role he was responsible for special projects which involved testing non-standard emission sources for a variety of organic pollutants. Several years of managing these unique projects exposed Mr. Eckard to a wide variety of testing and analysis circumstances. Mr. Eckard is considered an expert on sampling and analysis of organic pollutants from many different source and industry types. As part of his special projects and duties, Mr. Eckard started an in-house laboratory. In 1993 he bought the assets of the in-house lab and founded Enthalpy Analytical, Inc. Since 1993, Mr. Eckard has been managing environmental laboratories specializing in air pollution testing and tobacco smoke analysis. Mr. Eckard has also managed the quality systems for those labs. He is well versed in ISO 17025 and FDA Good Laboratory Practices based Quality Management Systems.

  • Bruce Godfrey
    Bruce GodfreySpecial Projects Coordinator of Montrose Environmental Group, Inc.

    Dr. Bruce Godfrey is Special Projects Coordinator of Montrose Environmental Group, Inc. Mr. Godfrey manages interdisciplinary teams in process improvement, quality assurance, and organizational development for Montrose’s Environmental Laboratory Services Division, a significant national provider of environmental tests & measurements including; drinking and wastewater, air and stack testing, industrial hygiene, radiochemistry, contaminated site remediation, waste characterization, aquatic toxicity, and environmental microbiology.

    In addition to his 36 years’ experience managing & directing commercial environmental laboratories, Dr. Godfrey is President of the Pacific Southwest Section of AOAC (Association of Official Analytical Chemists), a board member and co-chair of the Environmental Sciences Section of ACIL (American Council of Independent Laboratories), the nation’s trade association for independent technical, scientific and engineering firms; and he is a voting member of California’s Environmental Laboratory Technical Advisory Committee (ELTAC) which oversees environmental laboratory accreditation for the state of California. Dr. Godfrey is a five time recipient of the Preston S. Millar award for outstanding service to the nation’s independent laboratory community. Dr. Godfrey earned BA, and Ph.D. Degrees in Biochemistry from the University of California.

  • Dennis Dorning
    Dennis DorningSouthern California Sales Manager of Enthalpy Analytical, Inc.

    Dennis Dorning is Southern California Sales Manager of Enthalpy Analytical, Inc. Mr. Dorning brings over 15 years of experience in the environmental laboratory industry from some of the largest environmental laboratory networks in the world, including TestAmerica and Eurofins.  His laboratory experience ranging from Laboratory Technician, Chemist, Project Manager, and Account Manager brings not only a true understanding of laboratory processes to our clients, but also a hands on approach to technical sales.

  • Bryan Tyler
    Bryan TylerDirector of Business Development Marketing of Enthalpy Analytical, Inc.

    Bryan Tyler is Director of Business Development, Marketing of Enthalpy Analytical, Inc. With over 11 years of laboratory experience specializing in industrial emissions he has provided analytical support and consulting for thousands of emissions tests. Mr. Tyler is responsible for the integration and alignment of Enthalpy’s laboratory network and the development of sales and marketing strategies to ensure Enthalpy is an industry leader, price competitive and customer driven.

    He also acts as Senior Project Manager for specialty and highly scrutinized projects on a regular basis. Mr. Tyler holds bachelor degrees in Chemistry and Animal Science from North Carolina State University (NCSU); and a Master’s in Business Administration from the Jenkins School of Graduate Management at NCSU.


  • Ryan Bonner
    Ryan BonnerSenior Vice President of ES Engineering Services

    Ryan Bonner is Senior Vice President of ES Engineering Services. He has been active in the Water and Wastewater business for the past 21 years since he began working for Trabuco Canyon Water District at 18 years old. He has been actively involved in all aspect of the water utility business in various technical, managerial, and business development roles pertaining to the water, wastewater and renewable energy utilities before joining Montrose. Mr. Bonner has specialized in contract operations, maintenance and management of water and wastewater treatment facilities, including regulatory compliance for commercial/industrial companies as well as public and municipal agencies. Mr. Bonner lead the team that developed one of the first full scale methane digester plants in California with digesters rated at 1.5 megawatts of power each from solid food waste.

  • Ryan Brokamp
    Ryan BrokampInterim Senior Vice President Operations of ES Engineering Services

    Ryan Brokamp is Interim Vice President, Operations of ES Engineering Services. Previously, Mr. Brokamp was an Operating Associate within Goldman Sachs Investment Partners portfolio of private companies. In that role Mr. Brokamp worked on-site at various companies in the portfolio, where he assisted the management teams with evaluating operational and strategic alternatives. Mr. Brokamp began his career at Goldman Sachs as an analyst in the Investment Banking Division. Mr. Brokamp received his B.S.B.A. from The Ohio State University, where he specialized in Accounting and Finance.

  • Jinghui Niu
    Jinghui NiuSenior Vice President of ES Engineering Services

    Jinghui Niu is Senior Vice President of ES Engineering Services. Mr. Niu is a registered civil engineer in California with 26 years of experience in water/wastewater engineering, facility construction oversight, process and equipment startup and trouble shooting.  He also has extensive experience in managing site assessment and remediation projects for contaminated properties. Mr. Niu is the program director for the past 20 years for over 100 sites throughout California.  Treatment technologies include ozone and UV advanced oxidation, aerobic and anaerobic biological treatment, and granular activated carbon filtration.  With the integrated knowledge of civil engineering, hydrology and hydrogeology, environmental engineering, and mathematical modeling, Mr. Niu is capable of handling any scale of engineering design, environmental investigation and clean-up projects.